Simplest way to setup an Angular 2 project

Posted by Ganesh Patil on September 12, 2016 in Angular-2, Javascript

This tutorial will help you to get your Angular 2 project setup quickly.

Basic requirements:

  • Node (version 4 or greater)
  • npm (version 3 or greater)

Install angular-cli using following command

npm install angular-cli

Once angula-cli is installed you can check all the angular-cli options using following command:

ng ¬† –help

Now to create new angular-2 project simply run following command:


And angular-cli will create all project structure & download all dependancies for your angular-2 project, also will setup task manager, unit test environment, e-2-e test environment and much more.

Now just go to the new folder created for your project and start your development server using following commands:


ng serve

Now go and visit http://localhost:4200 in your favorite browser & you will see your first angular-2 app running.

Have fun…& explore awsome features of Angular-2


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