I usually encounter this issue after installing Colfusion wherein I have selected the inbuilt web server configuration during installation and I need to change the web root and there is no setting in the CF admin to do this.

My Setup: Coldfusion 11, Windows 10

Step 1: Find the server.xml file in the following directory:


Step 2: Make a copy of this XML file so that if something goes wrong for some reason and CF doesn’t start properly then you can easily revert your changes

Step 3: Open the server.xml file and find this commented line:

<!-- <Context path="/" docBase="<cf_home>\wwwroot" 
WorkDir="<cf_home>\runtime\conf\Catalina\localhost\tmp" ></Context>  -->

Step 4: Replace the docBase attribute with your desired new web root. In the WorkDir path, replace <cf_home> with the path to your CF installation directory.

Step 5: Add the aliases attribute as follows:

<Context path="/" docBase="<your_desired_new_webroot>" 

This will help CF load the admin interface even after you point the localhost to your desired web root.

Step 6: Save the file and restart the Coldfusion 11 Application Server service. Try accessing it with localhost and with whatever port number you have selected.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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